The Year So Far

November 29th, 2021 - The Year So Far by Colin

Busy, busy, busy!

Wow! We never expected the restaurant to be so busy so quickly, …we were so busy this summer I never got to making a new diary entry, although I started a couple of times. Even with summer well and truly over we're still hard at it. With the restaurant and RV park having quieted down for winter I've had time to make some further improvements to the restaurant; including several public things such as faucets in the restrooms that you can get your hands under.

So far we've kept the same opening hours we had during the summer, although we are considering dropping Monday evenings through the rest of the winter due to them being so consistently quiet. One big change we made is to offer breakfast on Sunday mornings. So far this has proved to be popular, with our patrons giving lots of positive feedback on food. We will keep that going into January, and if it remains busy will keep it going, and look at extending it.

The "Pairing" meals we started on the second Wednesday of every month have also been a big bit. The first, in October, was a fabulous six course Italian meal paired with either beers or Italian wines. The second was another six course meal, this time paired with whiskey's, with several coming from the north west. December's meal will be a German Yuletide family style feast served with a variety of ciders. We're very excited for it.

We've received a lot of positive and constructive feedback, and have made many improvements to our menu items in response. We're always happy to hear what our customers think, good or bad; …we can't fix problems we don't know about. So if you think something here could be better, please tell us; even if it's not something that can be easily implemented we can at least add it to the plan.

We want to say a big thank-you to everyone who is supporting us! It really puts extra big smiles on our faces when a regular comes in, it reminds us that we must be doing OK. =D

Our amazing staff also get a big "thank-you". The team we have are fantastic and put in a lot of hard work to keep everything running. There seems to be a general shortage of staff throughout the industry so we are extremely grateful for the team we have.

In the park, the Lake House has received a much needed coat of paint, it is such a huge improvement. The shower block and sheds also got painted. The overall result is that the grounds look a whole lot better.

We're currently looking at ways to improve the front lawn area. The far side is largely weeds, rather than grass, and the whole area would benefit from the addition of some shrubs and flowers. Fingers crossed we can get something worked out for the coming summer.

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